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Our outpatient treatment program is accredited for three years by CARF.

Northeast Arkansas Treatment Services, LLC provides outpatient treatment services in Jonesboro, Arkansas for persons addicted to the opioid class of drugs, including prescription pain medications and heroin.

We prescribe, dispense, and administer methadone for the treatment of addictive disorders.  Once determined medically appropriate for admission, patients are admitted to a comprehensive treatment regimen that includes methadone, individual and group counseling and other support services.

Our services are intended to promote recovery through a treatment philosophy that emphasizes the active participation of the patient in the entire treatment process.

During the initial phases of treatment, patients come to our facility every day for medication and counseling. As patients demonstrate stability in their recovery and conform to state and federal requirements, they may earn “take-home” privileges to reduce the number of days each week/month that they must attend the clinic.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Our Philosophy

The mission, vision and philosophy of Northeast Arkansas Treatment Services, LLC is to provide the highest quality medication-assisted treatment to persons addicted to opiates and, to do so in a supportive environment that always respects the dignity, self-worth and value of those people we serve.

We will honor our responsibility to treat each person we serve with kindness and the utmost courtesy. Our interactions with those we serve and with each other will be characterized by a gentle tone of voice and spirit and an approach that encourages, supports and uplifts. We will never disrespect, degrade, humiliate, punish or otherwise intimidate those people who trust us with their care.

Our mission statement is grounded in our belief that optimal treatment is provided by staff members who individually and collectively have the heart of a servant and approach their job duties from that perspective.

Our long-term vision is to be recognized as a premier provider of ethically-sound treatment services that result in optimal outcomes for those people we serve.  We exist professionally only to serve the needs of others.

We will be ever mindful of our mission and vision and recognize that every interaction is an opportunity to provide “World Class” customer service through the delivery of exceptional care. Our treatment philosophy acknowledges the resilience of the human spirit and the benefits of building positive and encouraging relationships with each other and with those who trust us with their care. And finally, our philosophy acknowledges that we cannot cure anyone; we can only guide, encourage and accompany them on their individual journeys to recovery.

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